Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Beginners Guide: Airports & Traveling

Summer vacation is here which means everyone will be traveling. Traveling can be very stressful especially if you have never traveled anywhere or never traveled abroad. I love to travel and have been almost everywhere, but it can be overwhelming if you haven't. These are some of my tips to help you with traveling & airports.

1) Pack The Essentials: When traveling I like having a Longchamp Le Pliage Handbag because its big enough to fit all my items and have them handy. Just be careful when flying with liquids they have to be under 3.4 ounces per container. In my makeup bag I like to have my chap stick handy because your lips will become chapped due to the air pressure. To me gum is very essential. When lifting off your ears will feel like they are about to pop but chewing gum before lift off and before landing helps them not to pop.
Travel Bag Essentials

2) The Comfier You Fly The Better: If you are flying a long flight a short flight it's always better to wear something that you will be comfortable in. Let be honest the seats on the plane are not the best, and its better to wear something that will make you feel comfortable and stylish.

Travel Outfit

3) Know The Way Around The Airport: Airports can be very overwhelming; be able to know where you are going and where your terminal is located. Depending on how well I know the airport i'll print off the map (on their website) or have it handy to be able to get around and not get lost.

4) Check If Your Flight Is On Time: Once you have passed security, check the screens located around the airports to make sure that your plane is leaving on time. Sometimes planes may be running late or have changed terminals so be aware of your flight time and terminal. Then head to your terminal or if you have time buy yourself a snack.

5) Get Ready...Get Set...Fly: Once they start calling first class business class and etc be ready to board. Once getting on board find your seat and be courteous of all the other people trying to get through while putting your carry on in the overhead compartment. Depending on where you sit don't immediately put on your seat belt until everyone in your row is there, because then you will have to unbuckle and re-buckle which is inconvenient. Then once the flight attendants put on the safety video be ready to lift off.

I hope you liked my traveling tips and hope you have a safe flight wherever you are going. I promise it's not as scary as you think (:

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