Sunday, January 1, 2017

How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

I have had my fair share of long haul flights, if you don't know what a long haul flight is, it a flight that is more than 6 hours and usually non stop flights. I have done several of these in my lifetime, I have gone from Chicago to Europe and have gone from Texas and Chicago to Peru, and most recently I have done Texas and Arkansas and Washington D.C to Singapore. 

I know what it is like to be in an airplane for long periods of time. I have also done A Beginners Guide: Airports & Traveling if you want to check that out. Anyways, this is for flights that are agonizing painful because trust me there have been times where I just wanted to punch the window. So, I am here to help you make you not punch the window and have the best flight experience that you can. 

These are my tips to help you make your flight the best it can be!

1. WATER: When you are flying you WILL get dehydrated because of the air pressure. During my flight to Singapore from Dallas, Texas the last four or five hours are horrible because  I am so dehydrated since, I am not drinking enough water. Then I get a biggest headache known to man. My advice is to buy the biggest water bottle that they are selling at one of the stores in the airport, so then you don't have to keep asking the flight attendance for water. If you ask, they will fill up your water bottle too. If you don't want to pay, bring your own large water bottle from home and fill it up at the airport.  

2. Get the isle seat: You know why you want the isle seat, it's cause you will have to pee because of the amount of water you are drinking. Another reason, you want the isle seat because you will not want to be squished between two people in the middle seat or have to jump to go to the bathroom when sitting by the window. Trust me, the window seat is only good for when you lift off and land.

3. Move around: When you are sitting on a plane for more than six hours some part of your body will go numb. So, walk up and down go walk up and down the isle, honestly people will not mind. It is good to get your body moving too, it will make you feel better. 

4. Snacks: When it comes to eating, eating healthy snacks is your best option. Don't eat any junk food. Eating junk food can make you sick, and that is the last thing you need on a long flight. I would suggest eating snack bars, some dried fruit, pretzels, any kind of nuts are good too!

5. Comfy, Comfy, Comfy: You are about to be on a long flight so, you might as well be comfy. The best way to be comfy is to get yourself a good neck pillow. You will also need a good

- Dressing comfy will make your flight be a bit better. Personally, I rather be comfy on my long flight than look fashionable at the airport. So, I usually like to wear a nice pair of joggers, and a comfy hoodie, t- shirt, and sneakers. 
- If you are flying in economy, and have enough room bring a small blanket because you can will get cold on the airplane.

6. Entertainment: When you are stuck on the airplane for long hours, you do not want to be bored. These the things I bring in my backpack that will keep me busy.
I picked a medium sized backpack, so that way I can just put it under my seat for easy access. 

- Electronics: Phone is essential, I would also recommend making yourself a music playlist so you can jam on the airplane. Next is my iPad, I will have lots of games, and movies on it. I just found out Netflix allows you to download movies and watch them later online, which is amazing for long flights. A portable charger is something I would carry because at the airport everyone is trying to charge their phone, and you never know if the plane has outlets. Headphones are essential too, I have learned that I like the apple headphones rather than the big headphones because for me the big headphones will hurt my ears and makes it hard to sleep. 

- Sleep: I would bring a neck pillow just for a more comfortable flight, along with a blanket and an eye mask. You never know if the person next to you will want to read when you are trying to sleep.

- Books: I will bring one paperback book and books on my iPad because if my iPad dies I will at least have my paperback books. I am a big reader, so I will buy a book series and try to read them on the plane for the way there and back. I have a coloring book to keep me busy because I can't just sit still and watch a movie. 

-  Bathroom: In this bag, I carry cleansing wipes to keep my face clean and hydrated. I will bring lotion because your skin can get dry on the airplane. Chapstick is good to have too, because my lips are the first thing to dry when i'm on the airplane. I will bring tissues, and my toothbrush just in case I feel like brushing my teeth or blowing my noes. Hand sanitizer is a must! You do not know the germs that are in airports, or if anyone is sick. 

Those are my tips on how to survive a long haul flight, because trust me I have had my fair share of bad flights. I just thought I could make your life a bit easier with my tips! Let me know what types of long haul flights you have traveled!

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