Monday, February 29, 2016

A Wedding Toast To My Best Friend

Ladies and gentleman, friends, family, relatives, everyone who came out to witness this beautiful ceremony among these two wonderful people. For those who do not know me my name is Maria and I am the maid of honor. We are so happy to be here for this joyous occasion celebrating Tehya and Zach’s wedding.

I met Tehya my first year of college at the University of Arkansas. As a first year student not knowing many people I decided to do potluck and have a randomly assigned roommate. I honestly glad I did because then I would not have been able to meet one of my best friends. Tehya and I shared so many similar qualities it kind of scared me at first but then I loved it! Now Tehya has grown into an amazing woman. It is an honor to know the person she has become, and to have stood beside her on her special day as her bridesmaid and best friend. Tehya has always had a kind heart, brilliant mind, and always knows the right thing to say and do.

For as long as I have known her, the most important thing in her life has always been her family and her friends. She is an amazing friend - loyal, patient, generous, and kind. Tehya and Zach have an amazing bond together. I won’t go on too much about when they met, mostly because I wasn’t actually there, but I witnessed it through the eyes of Tehya when she told me the story. I could see it in her eyes she really loves Zach and that she was crazy about him. For a while Zach, I was a little jealous of you stealing my best friend, but as you become her husband I would like to pass on the best friend role to you. Because I know I won’t always be there for her when she needs me but you always will, and I know you will do you’re very best to protect her as I have. I cannot think of a better fit for my best friend then you. I hope you know you are a very lucky man to be able to have Tehya as your wife for the rest of your life. You look as happy today, as you did when I first meet you two in college.

Anyways, Tehya looks stunning tonight and Zach you look a little stunned. Therefore, here is some advice for you. Number one, she is always right. Number two, she loves food but she hates cantaloupes. Number three; never say no to a movie nights with her. Number four; always make your side of the bed because she is not going to do it for you. Finally, number five; love her with your whole heart.

So here, we are at their wedding night. They have finally made it after years of being together; their love grows stronger and stronger every day. High school sweethearts that defied the odds. From here on out they will be conquering every obstacle that comes at them. 

Today we do not only celebrating where they are right now, but also their beautiful future together. If everyone would raise their glass now and join me in congratulating the beautiful bride and handsome groom. Congratulations. I love you both, and wish you all the best. 

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Things I've Learned From Gossip Girl

Every girl has seen the show Gossip Girl on the CW network. This show is every girls fantasy and dream to be living in New York City. I watched this show and fell in love with all the characters and i feel that there are lessons to be learned from this show. If you have not watched Gossip Girl drop what you are doing and go watch it. Anyway here are some things I have learned from Gossip Girl.
  • Love is dysfunctional, hard, unexpected, stubborn, but also amazingly beautiful: There is a lot of couples in the show. The most famous is Chuck and Blair and both have had their fair share of mistakes, but in the end they love each other and fought through all odds. 
  • "Fashion is the most powerful art their is"- Blair Waldorf : Blair Waldorf had one of the best clothing on the upper east side. I can agree that fashion is a work of art, you are the canvas and what you wear is what makes you special.
  • Best friends are forever: Blair and Serena are the best of friends, they go through their ups and there down but in the end they are always by each other sides no matter what.  
  • Scheming is a hobby: After watching the show I feel like Blair Waldorf is the queen of scheming. Blair had made it a hobby and she was very good at it. But I think we have all learned how to scheme because of Blair.
  • The Upper East side is the place to be: When watching Gossip girl the upper east side, is what every girl imagine living, big city, lots of shopping, that is literally your goals as a woman to be able to marry a Chuck Bass or a Nathan Archibald and live on the Upper East side. 
  • An outfit is incomplete without a headband: Blair had the most must stylish headbands and an outfit was not complete without them. Even now in the winter I wear cute headbands, and I love them.
I loved Gossip girl, I loved the ending and everything. These were just some things I took out of it, I hope you enjoyed them!

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