Sunday, April 19, 2015

One Act Of Kindness

       Everyone is fighting their own battle, but most people don't even seem to notice. I have always been the kind of person to be friends with everyone, and even though I moved many times making friends was not hard. I am not really the kind of person to be in a "clique". I was always friends with everyone because I feel that everyone needs a friend. But I know people do get lonely and can cause depression and feel as if you can be surrounded by hundreds of people but still feel alone. For as long as I remember I always smiled and said hi to people in the hallways when I walked by but someone told me they felt intimidated by the amount of people I know and have waved to and said hi to in the halls. To me that was kind of odd, but I guess I always knew that something good came out of it.

But just recently I was told that this girl I knew had depression and had tried to kill herself twice but never did. She said that it was the little things that people did to make her day and that stopped her from ending her life. She expressed that it was people smiling at her, saying hi to her in the halls, and complimenting her. Me and this girl would get to school early and we would always just sit and talk until the bell rang and to know that it was the little things that stopped her warms my heart. I knew if I could at least make one persons day better then I've made a difference.

Its one act of kindness that can really change someone life, and can make you a change not only that person's life but yours as well. Even if you are the one having a bad day, smile at someone because I grantee that it will make your day better as well as the other person.

So please think about what you say and do because it can make or break a person. Challenge yourself to start getting to know new people to say hi to people around you, even if you don't  know them. It can save a life rather than ending one.

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