Monday, August 31, 2015

College Life At The University Of Arkanas

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I just moved into my new resident housing at the University of Arkansas. I will be an education major   teaching English as a second language and would like to minor in Spanish and learn another language. My goal is to get my doctorate as well and travel the world teaching kids how to speck in English. I moved into my dorm August 15th it was around a five hour drive from Texas to the University of Arkansas so I left at around four in the morning and got there at around 9am. I moved in all my stuff and decorated it as well.

The building i'm living at looks like this and is called Pomfret and is a two person dorm 

This is the building I am living at from afar it has three different wings and I am on the second floor. But it is quite a walk to campus and to classes but I will probably be so in shape after this year. Which is what I have heard from other students who have lived in this dorm.

Since I have lived here the fire alarm has gone of twice, one in the afternoon and one in the middle of the night. The reason it went off too was because someone was smoking a vape in their dorm.

I have had a great time at the University of Arkansas so far, I have meet new friends, and adapted to new surroundings and i'm loving it so much. I excited to see what the University of Arkansas has in store for me.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Teen Court Experience

For the past couple years I have been in this program called Teen Court. You deal with real teen cases such as theft, assault, minor in possession, minor in consumption, and ect. I have learned so much and made friends that will last a lifetime. I'm going to share my experience and hope you can take something from it or do something new and exciting.

I started teen court because one of my friends mentioned to me and she thought it was something I would like doing. So one day in the summer I decided to go to one of the training to be an attorney and I liked it. I continued going, but I was never a good public speaker. The more I went the more I got use to talking in front of people. Going up in front of my peers and debating a case really gave me confidence to go up and talk in front of crowds. The friends I had made throughout this experience as really impacted me we weren't just friends we were family. We had our wins and we had our loses and we fought our cases like crazy wither it was objections or bad cases we went through it all together. I saw them every Tuesday no matter what even if I had a big test coming up I would go just to take a breather and clear my head. It was never boring there, and I always left smiling.The ladies in charge of teen court were family to us always there to give advice and make sure we stayed out of trouble and always looking out for us. Teen court is definitely something I wouldn't have been able to do on my own but with the help of my friends I was able to step out of my confront zone and explore new things. Leaving teen court I feel I was able to help teens make wiser decisions and learn from their mistakes and be able to give back to their community. I learned so much from this experience and something I will always remember.

Court is adjourned 

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